How to organize a holiday around surfing?

How to organize a holiday around surfing?

Surfing is a water sport played on the surface of moving waves in the ocean. The surfer uses a surfboard to ride on the surface of moving waves. Surfing may take place in big waves or in smaller waves. There are many types of surfing such as a big wave surfing, windsurfing, town-in surfing, body surfing, and kite surfing.

The surfer uses different kinds of equipment according to the surfing they perform. Surfers in general use surfboards or longboards. However, body surfers use bodyboards, or kneeboards, according to how they surf on the waves.

To surf safely in the ocean, a surfer needs a surf wax. Surf wax is put on the surfer's feet to prevent him from slipping off the surfboard. Other necessary equipment for surfing includes surfing outfit. The surfing outfit varies according to the type of surfing and the weather. For example, wetsuits are worn only in cold waters; whereas surfers may put on surf trunks in warm climates. How to organize a holiday around surfing?

Tips for organizing a holiday around surfing

  •  Choose a surf holiday destination: Choose surf camps with perfect waves and where other surfers go. You can browse for information on the ideal surf spots on the internet.
  •  Be well prepared before leaving for a surf holiday trip: Do not forget to pack your surf outfit before you leave. Check if your surf outfit is appropriate for the place where you are going.
  •  Make a checklist of the necessary surf equipment before packing. Cross out the unnecessary items. The checklist may include a surfboard, surf wax, a leash, board shorts or surf trunks, a wetsuit kneeboards, a bodyboard, fins, and other.
  •  Buy your surf outfit from trusted retailers: Avoid buying second-hand outfit because they may wear out easily after a few usages.
  •  Check the weather forecast before deciding on the surf holiday destination: A cold, stormy weather is too dangerous for surfing. In addition, check the best time to go surfing in the area. This can be done by checking the weather forecast in the surf destination.
  • Make sure that your surf outfit suits the climate in your surf venue: Bring surf trunks if you are going to surf in a warm climate. However, if you choose to go surfing in cold water, you will need a wetsuit.

Choose a surf destination

A surf adventure is best if you are confident that the surf venue is safe. The most popular surf venues are in Hawaii, in Costa Rica, in Sri Lanka, in Maldives, in Portugal, in South Africa and in Morocco. The best thing to do is to surf with other surf lovers, but not alone.

Therefore, it is rather challenging to go on a surf travel to your own. You may end up in the most dangerous spot in the world.

In this case, it is safe to seek assistance from a travel agency for the most reliable surf spot. The online travel agency Opodo can be contacted if you need to organize a surfing vacation. Beside this, Opodo can facilitate your flight reservation and hotel booking to any place of your choice.